Pregnancy Massage

We specialise in pregnancy massage and spa treatments for all stages of pregnancy and post natal.  Our founder Jacqueline Johnston background in nursing, midwifery and specialising in pregnancy massage has developed all the pregnancy massage treatments at Body Freedom Urban Spa & Clinic.

You can view images of the pregnancy futon and pregnancy table massage in our pregnancy massage gallery of images.

When Can I have a Pregnancy Massage?

We recommend from 12 weeks through to full term.  You may have a massage before 12 weeks, however it will be very light pressure and we only recommend if you have regular massages prior to being pregnant.  You are more that able to have massages up until you deliver.  In fact the later in the pregnancy you often want a more regular massage.  In the early stages the table is the best treatment and in the later stages… everybody wants the futon pregnancy massage.

We are often asked what is the best  massage style for me?  The following is a guide to help decide.

Pregnancy Massage on the Table

Our pregnancy massage table are extra wide.  We utilise side lying techniques with pregnancy pillows as taught by Suzanne Yates of  Well Mother Organisation.   This is best when up to about 29 weeks or (before you have really popped).  The table is appropriate up until delivery, however in the later stages many clients prefer the futon over the table.  As an exception to this is when you may have a remedial therapist working on neck and shoulder issues or if you are having extra “add on” treatments like a facial etc.  The beds are electric with a back that lifts to take pressure away from the abdomen when performing facials.

Pregnancy Massage on the Futon

Our futon treatments are on a futon mattress on the floor.  Once again we use side lying techniques and specialist pregnancy pillows.   This technique is wonderful in the later stages of pregnancy and also for deeper work on gluten and hips.  We do not recommend for very long treatments and especially treatments that include a facial as the table has a better mechanics to support pressure on your abdomen.

Remedial  Massages versus Non Remedial (Spa) Massages

Our massages can either be relaxing and nurturing or they can be clinical to address some common issues and discomforts that arise during the pregnancy.  All our treatments include a 5 minute pre massage treatment consultation to tailor the treatment to you needs and also to gain greater understanding for our clinical remedial therapists to work on specific issues.  Not all our pregnancy massage therapists are remedial massage therapists.  So it must be requested at the time of booking.  Remedial Pregnancy massage treatments may be claimable on private health funds.  Refer to our health fund page for more  information.

Pregnancy  Therapists

Not all of our therapists are trained and performing pregnancy massage treatments.  All of our therapists are qualified and have many years of experience.  Once they join the team they are trained in our regular treatments and then over a period of time they are trained regularly and tested multiple times before they are signed off to perform pregnancy treatments at the Spa.   Jacqueline Johnston the co founder of Body Freedom Spa & Clinic is a nurse with many years experience in birthing and went on to study massage and beauty therapy.  She personally trains all therapists and we work in conjunction with Suzanne Yates (UK) international pregnancy trainer.  Suzanne runs private sessions for our team in Australia.

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