A place to be yourself

Melbourne Day Spa

Body Freedom Urban Spa and Clinic is a unique day spa experience nestled in the heart of South Melbourne.

Once home to an 1850’s hosiery mill, our day spa and clinic spans three levels and 10 spa treatment rooms, with open fireplaces, high ceilings, beautiful décor and natural light to set the tone for your journey of re-grounding. A sanctuary from city life, our fusion of holistic treatments backed with clinical expertise will bring harmony to the body and mind.

Our experienced therapists come from different speciality areas with most having a remedial massage, spa therapy  or clinical skin specialty.   They are dedicated to tailoring every spa treatment to fit your needs. It’s our results-driven and specialised treatments that draw returning serenity-seekers here, to one of the most tranquil of settings to combine the best of therapeutic treatments in a luxurious spa environment.

Spa treatments

We offer an array of skin treatments, day spa packages, men’s treatments, remedial massages, shared treatment offerings and tailored treatments to suit every person’s needs.

We understand the differences in skin and body types and tailor our luxury spa treatments accordingly, guiding you through a carefully developed ritual of meditation, breathing exercises and energy work to soothe you into a deep state of relaxation.

Remedial massage

We offer a range of remedial massages and clinical facials that address specific areas of concern within your body and may be claimable through private health funds.

Choose from a number of our clinical treatments, including Remedial Massage, New Mum Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Shiatsu – a traditional Japanese hands-on massage from our qualified therapists.

Pregnancy and new mums massage

Our therapists have been specially trained in the art of pregnancy massage to ensure every pregnancy or new mum treatment provides an added level of care and relaxation to mum’s changing body.

Our unique futon-styled treatments for pregnant women and new mums accommodate the growing body by reducing pressure on the body to allow our guests to lay on their side and feel completely at ease during our massages.


Whether you’re looking for a treatment to relax you, tighten the skin or even reduce redness, Body Freedom has a suitable facial treatment for you.

Our specialists also offer consultations so that we can evaluate your skin condition to determine the best facial to match your complexion and health needs, allowing you to receive the most benefit from your treatment.

Men’s spa treatments

At Body Freedom, we understand men’s skin differs from women’s and use quality products and methods tailored to these differences. We offer specialised treatments for men including massages, facials and wraps because we know that everyone deserves a break.

Couples massage

If you want to enjoy time together with your partner, bestie, mum or dad, or son or daughter, we have two large dual/couples rooms to allow you to share in your relaxing experiences together.

Any of our spa or massage treatments can be performed together in our large rooms, complete with a fireplace.