Body Freedom Urban Retreat is one of Australia’s renowned pregnancy practitioners. That is because we understand how precious and individual your pregnancy is.

The Retreat is brought to you with the wisdom and care of our co-owner Jacqueline Johnston – an experienced midwife and birthing specialist.  Her massage techniques were learnt under the guidance of leading UK pregnancy massage educator and author Suzanne Yates. Jacqueline trains each of our pregnancy practitioners to ensure the highest of standards and deepest relaxation.

Body Freedom has developed the unique practice of using a futon with pregnancy pillows for the highest level of comfort with no strain on your back or tummy, allowing for the best possible massage.

I felt it was important to create a nurturing environment where pregnant mothers could take a rare moment to stop still, catch their breath and fully unwind. And know they are being massaged by a therapist specially trained for pregnancyJacqueline Johnston, co-owner The Retreat.

Rebecca Judd said it best with the following excerpt from her blog.

“Now that I’m pregnant again, I cannot wait to get my favourite pregnancy massage   at Body Freedom Urban Day Spa in South Melbourne. She was recommended to me by a girlfriend after I was complaining last time I was pregnant about not having found a pregnancy massage that I liked. Most places require you to lie on your tummy when they massage you. While they provide a hole for your tummy to fit into it means all of the pressure is on your boobs- ouch!!! Hello, you need a hole cut out for each boob to fit into too because, I for one, cannot lie on them when I’m pregnant- too sore (but boy do I like how big they are! haha). The other thing I’m not a fan of, is lying flat on my back for a massage. It is not recommended by health professionals after a certain number of weeks (12 or 16 I think?) because the pressure of the baby on certain nerves and blood vessels is not ideal.

So what makes Body Freedom Urban Day Spa’s preggo massage so good? The masseurs are trained by a qualified midwife and practice the techniques by leading UK pregnancy massage therapist Suzanne Yates, so you are in the safest of hands. The thing I loved the most was that you are treated on a futon, lying on your side and also over a fit ball. It is the most relaxing, therapeutic massage I have ever had and in the final couple of months of my pregnancy with Oscar, I booked in for one every single week. I was addicted. They know exactly what was happening in my body, where Oscar was sitting and where I needed the most work- she was brilliant!

I highly, highly recommend all the preggy bellies out there pay this place a visit.”

A few tips

  • We recommend most people start pregnancy massage once the first trimester has passed.
  • You may be eligible to claim for remedial massage on your health insurance. Please speak to us when booking.
  • For your first pregnancy massage visit, we recommend a longer 75 minute treatment.


Pregnancy Massage on the Futon

This is Body Freedom’s signature pregnancy treatment, and a favourite of many of our regular clients. Designed around the changing contours and specific pressure points of the pregnant body, this treatment uses a soft futon and cushions with a delightful massage for extreme comfort, calm and relaxation. During the massage, our therapists will use a selection of carefully chosen oils that work in agreement with mums-to-be to soothe the skin and fade stretch marks. We recommend a longer 75 minute treatment for your first treatment.  Please note not all therapists are claimable and you must mention at the time of booking that you wish to claim.  Some of our most experienced therapists are not claimable on private health funds.

$ 130.00$ 170.00

Pregnancy Leg & Foot Pamper

Don’t let aches and pains get the better of you during the later stages of your pregnancy. Relieve sore and tired legs with a cooling scrub and warm mud treatment and then revitalise the feet with our mint butter foot massage utilising specialist pregnancy reflexology techniques.

$ 99.00

Duration: 45 mins

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Pregnancy Massage on the Massage Table

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and our specialised massage treatments are a great way to relax and enjoy some pampering time. Unless you have already established a regular massage routine, we recommend starting this treatment once the first trimester has passed.  Pregnancy massage on the table is suitable up until you are due.  We have specially designed wider tables to cater for big bellies.

A pregnancy table treatment with a remedial therapist may be best option if you have neck or back issues and require firmer pressure.

You may be able to claim your Remedial Pregnancy Massage through some of our specially trained therapists. Not all therapists are claimable, in fact our most experienced therapists are not claimable due to their education being many years ago.

$ 120.00$ 160.00


Specialist Pregnancy Consultation Facial

We offer a wide range of facials to treat various skin conditions and concerns.  Rather than self-diagnosing, request a ‘specialist consultation facial’ when booking.  We have specialist facials that are safe and effective for mums to be.   To have you feeling really comfortable in the later stages of your pregnancy we have facial treatment beds that are angled to remove the discomfort of  your belly.



$ 165.00

Duration: 60 mins

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Pregnancy Pampering:

Mum To Be Package

Feel magnificent with this 2 hour pregnancy retreat experience.  Indulge in a tailored pregnancy massage to target all the spots that need a bit of TLC.  Refresh your skin with a nurturing botanical facial.  While the masque is working its magic,  your feet will be targeted with scrub, cool towels, hot mud, warm towels and a wicked massage to relieve and deflate.  Every inch of your body will feel rested, relaxed and calm.  Recommended upgrades are to either a futon massage and a cosmeceutical pregnancy facial.

Treatment Overview:

Pregnancy Massage on the Table
Botanical facial
Leg & Foot pamper

$ 260.00

Duration: 2 hours

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Pregnancy Package

Something all expectant mothers entirely deserve: a three-hour pamper and unwind session inclusive of relaxation pregnancy massage, facial and feet treat (complete with polish).  Everything has been thought of to make you feel magnificent.  Body Freedom specialises in pregnancy treatments, so you are very good hands.

Treatment Overview:

Pregnancy Massage on the Table
Botanical Facial

Not able to be claimed on Private Health Funds.

$ 350.00

Duration: 3 hours

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