Men’s Facial

Especially designed for men’s skin (which differs because of facial hair among other things).  This treatment smooths and soothes. We target skin irritations and congestion to give you a deep cleanse, and include a calming massage to the face, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and relax the nerves.

$ 140.00

Duration: 60 mins

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The Men’s Retreat

To have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It begins with treating your back with a bit of TLC. A back scrub followed by a moorish melting massage. A thorough facial has you cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised for top-looking skin, while our foot scrub expels impurities and softens dry, rough spots followed by a wicked foot massage.

Treatment Overview:

Back scrub
Back & shoulder massage
Botanical facial
Foot scrub & massage

$ 195.00

Duration: 90 mins

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Male Indulgence

For a major relax, revive and renourish, we begin with a coffee and sea kelp scrub to remove tired skin cells and improve circulation. We then deliver a rejuvenating facial, while you are wrapped in a natural cloth. The wrap ensures that your skin will be suple, detoxed and your muscles will dissolve into putty. Shower off and melt into a full body massage.

Treatment Overview:

Body scrub
Mini botanical facial
Body massage

$ 230.00

Duration: 105 mins

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