Father’s Day

Book Dad or “soon to be Dad” a treat on father’s day or buy a gift voucher for him to book in any time that suits.

Gift vouchers can be purchased online for immediate delivery.

Here is a list of some of our men’s favourite treatments.

Tailored Massage

The tailored massage is as it sounds.  We tailor the treatment for you.   How firm you like the pressure (firm but not deep tissue)  and  areas that need some extra work.  Our experienced therapists will consult and tailor a massage session just for you.  They utilise Swedish, Shiatsu and  Reflexology techniques to help you relax and feel results.  If you do need to address some issues or injuries we recommend a remedial massage.   If you want a really deep pressure and knot busting, we recommend a deep tissue massage with one of our specialists.



$ 130.00$ 170.00

Remedial Massage

Remedial  is a therapeutic style massage.  The therapist will consult with you to find out areas of concern.  They will discuss an individualised treatment plan to address concerns.  The style of massage will include trigger point release and other remedial techniques.  At the conclusion of the treatment, the therapist will discuss further recommendations.  Consultation is part of the treatment time.  This is not a relaxation style of massage.

$ 140.00$ 180.00

The Men’s Retreat

To have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It begins with treating your back with a bit of TLC. A back scrub followed by a moorish melting massage. A thorough facial has you cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised for top-looking skin, while our foot scrub expels impurities and softens dry, rough spots followed by a wicked foot massage.

Treatment Overview:

Back scrub
Back & shoulder massage
Botanical facial
Foot scrub & massage

$ 195.00

Duration: 90 mins

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The Melt

This is the treatment our clients come back for again and again and again. We have tried to think of a new version but after lots of discussions with our regulars, we have heard a resounding vote to keep it as is. Begin with a body brush to prepare your skin for absorbing softening oils during your full body massage. Slip into a botanical facial, then calm the mind with a head and scalp treatment. We wrap your feet in towels before unleashing a wickedly good foot exfoliation with organic wild thyme foot scrub. To top things off, we lather your feet in a hydrating warm mud mask, then massage away any last fragments of tension with a foot mint butter foot massage.

Treatment Overview:

Light body exfoliation
Botanical facial
Full body massage
Foot pamper
Head and scalp conditioning treatment

$ 260.00

Duration: 2 hours

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