Bubba Organics Interview with Body Freedom

A recent article from Bubba Organics.

It’s no secret we love our stockists! So it’s a pleasure to introduce our lovely customers to Body Freedom Urban Spa & Clinic. Located in the gorgeous and vibrant inner-city suburb of South Melbourne, owner Jacqueline and her dedicated team go above and beyond to create a truly luxurious and personalised experience for every client.

We took a moment to chat with Jacqueline about Body Freedom, their decision to stock Bubba Organics products, and why they’ve made treatments for expecting and post-partum mums such a focus.

What made you decide to stock our natural baby skin care?

We stock and recommend Bubba Organics because I used the range on my baby and was so impressed with its results. My daughter has sensitive skin and the Bubba Organics range has always worked beautifully for her – the formula is kind and gentle on her skin without any added nasties.

We also always try to stock Australian Made products that are locally made where possible, focusing on products that are natural and kind to skin and the planet. Bubba Organics ticks all these boxes.

Lastly, the team at Bubba Organics are so passionate about what they do, they are also kind and generous and a delight to work with!

Along with offering the standard body and beauty treatments, Body Freedom has a real focus on treatments designed for women during and after pregnancy. Why was this important to you?

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life, it is a time of great change to the body, mind and lifestyle. Being a registered nurse and a mother, I am aware of the changes that take place in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy and especially aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to body work pre and post pregnancy.

When I first studied massage and beauty therapy in the 90’s, I was very surprised by the lack of education and training available to students studying in specialty areas in relation to treating pregnant women. I took it upon myself to seek out further specialist education and training to ensure I was equipped with the knowledge required to treat women safely and therapeutically before and after pregnancy.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage? And how do you accommodate a growing belly?

There are a whole range of benefits experienced as a result of pregnancy massages, including:

• Increased relaxation

• Relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy

• Balancing hormones

• Increased health of the lymphatic system by relieving swollen and painful limbs from extra fluid carried

• Assistance with body changes

• Increased sleep

We follow the teaching and recommendations of world-renowned pregnancy massage and shiatsu specialist, Suzanne Yates. Suzanne advocates side lying during pregnancy massages as it is the safest, most comfortable and therapeutic way to perform pregnancy massage. To accommodate a growing belly, a woman should lay on her side during a pregnancy massage and use body pillows for comfort and support.

As the pregnancy advances, we recommend a pregnancy massage on the futon, rather than a regular massage table, as the futon is the most comfortable and enables pure relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Is it safe? How are your staff trained? Is there anyone who shouldn’t have a pregnancy massage?

Women have been massaged during their pregnancy for thousands of years by women in their family and communities. A professional massage is very safe when performed by educated and experienced massage therapists who have the required knowledge.

The team at Body Freedom are all fully qualified and experienced professionals. When joining Body Freedom, the therapists undergo further education and training in pregnancy massage and are personally assessed by myself before treating our clients.

Most pregnant women are able to have pregnancy massages however there are some medical conditions (that are deemed high risk) where a massage would not be performed. This includes uncontrolled high blood pressure, severe oedema, pre-eclampsia or high risk of miscarriage. If there are concerns, simply chat to your doctor and always be open with your therapist during the consultation before receiving a pregnancy massage.


Pregnancy can be hard on our skin with hormonal break outs and pigmentation issues. Are there facial treatments designed to deal with skin issues specific to pregnancy?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy and post-birth can be challenging for the skin and can lead to skin hydration changes, pigmentation and acne. At Body Freedom, we offer a specialised Pregnancy Clinical Facial and home care routine prescriptions for pregnant women. The best advice is a comprehensive morning and evening homecare routine coupled with a regular professional facial.

On top of this, we also recommend staying very well hydrated, eating a diet full of clean, fresh foods and getting around 8hrs of sound sleep, which will further assist with overall skin complexion.

Do you offer treatments for couples who are expecting a baby? Why are shared treatments useful to couples?

The treatment we have designed especially for couples to share during pregnancy is our Baby Moon Package. The Baby Moon includes a massage (a specialist pregnancy massage for mums-to-be and a relaxation massage for their non-pregnant partner), a botanical facial and a leg and foot pamper. Shared treatments are useful to couples as it enables people to bond and relax during what can be a challenging time. Self-care is so important!

And what about new mums? What services do you offer and why?

We always recommend massages for new mums. All of our therapists are well trained in how best to support and position women who may be breastfeeding or receiving a massage post-caesarean. A personal favourite treatment Body Freedom offers is the Detox Scrub and Wrap, as it is designed to therapeutically stimulate the lymphatic system helping to eliminate excess fluid. It is not only a full body scrub but also a shower, full body tailored massage and a refreshing facial. This treatment is profoundly relaxing, therapeutic and uplifting.

Have you really treated Megan Gale and Bec Judd? Are they as gorgeous in real life as they seem?

We have had the privilege and honour of meeting and treating these two very inspiring women! We treated Bec throughout her three pregnancies and she even mentioned Body Freedom in her book the ‘Baby Bible, A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Bump, Your Baby And Yourself,’ where she promotes the importance of self-care and massage. Bec is such a breath of fresh air – she is always delightfully gracious and thankful.

Megan also visited Body Freedom during her pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed our pregnancy massages. Megan is so lovely, calm and friendly. They are both gorgeous women on the inside and out and, as with all our pregnant woman, are always so thankful for us sharing our expertise with them.