Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

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How to Prevent & Treat Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Some People Are More Susceptible To Them

Stretch marks appear when there is not enough elasticity in the skin to support the rapid growth of the tissues. Whilst most commonly formed during pregnancy; stretch marks can also occur during a period of rapid weight loss or gain, during puberty or even from having certain genetic conditions. Sadly genetics play a large part in determining who will or will not get stretch marks, however all is not lost and there are many simple things you can do to prevent and repair.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks – Treat Them Early!

The key to stretch mark prevention is – hydrate hydrate hydrate! This needs to be done both internally & externally. For the inside, drink plenty of water on a daily basis and include plenty of good oils in your diet, supplements are also a great idea if you struggle to eat enough oils. Adequate protein intake is also important to help with repairing & rebuilding of the tissues. From the outside ensure you keep the skin well hydrated with oils, creams or lotions – at a minimum your skin hydrators should be applied twice a day but even better is to apply more frequently throughout the day.

Some of our favourites here at Body Freedom are Willow By The Sea Belly Oil & Belly Butter (of course they can also be used on other areas of the body) – these two amazing organic products can be layered together for the best effect or used individually. Our preference is to apply the oil first and then the butter over the top, this ensures maximum effective and long lasting hydration. Exfoliating the areas regularly with either a body scrub or body brush will ensure there are no dead skin cells which not only improves the appearance of the skin but will also allow for deeper penetration of your chosen hydrators.

The versatile Bubba Organics Goats Milk Baby Bottom Cream is a excellent to help soften stretch marks, scars and wrinkles on hands. Rich, creamy & easily absorbed, a daily massage of this secret will soften & nourish the skin. It contains Shea Butter, Calendula, Aloe Vera & Olive Oil and is enriched with 100% fresh Australian Goats Milk.

With all products use massaging techniques. Not only should you just apply cream to the affected area, but you should use it to assist in massaging it as well. General massage techniques will help to break down the scar tissues that has accumulated and also increase blood circulation, which will help reduce the look of stretch marks.  Or any excuse to have a pregnancy massage with a specialist who knows how to massage a preggie belly.  For our pregnancy specialist therapists, belly massage is an essential skill to have.  We train all our therapists in this technique that is both therapeutic and relaxing.  We hear from many clients how wonderful it feels to have their belly massage as it creates a lovely mother baby connection.

How to Treat Stretch Marks

But you already have some stretch marks so what can you do to repair them? The quicker you act on repair the better, if the marks are red in colour they still have a blood supply and are therefore easier to treat. Once the marks are white they are older and have already faded over time meaning that the blood vessels have also narrowed making treatment more difficult. The easiest way to help diminish the appearance of stretch marks is to follow the above advise and keep the skin well hydrated both internally & externally.

Regular exfoliation whether done at home or during a spa treatment will vastly improve the appearance of the marks.  This can be achieved through a pre shower dry body brush with sisal mitts or brushes or through a wet scrub.

Using an at home skin roller multiple times a week assists circulation & blood flow to the area, the stimulation releases new collagen & by utilising a roller product penetration is increased by up to 200% making your hydration products much more beneficial.