Massage: Therapeutic


Remedial Massage

Remedial  is a therapeutic style massage.  The therapist will consult with you to find out areas of concern.  They will discuss an individualised treatment plan to address concerns.  The style of massage will include trigger point release and other remedial techniques.  At the conclusion of the treatment, the therapist will discuss further recommendations.  Consultation is part of the treatment time.  This is not a relaxation style of massage.

$ 130.00$ 170.00


Therapeutic Stone Massage

Therapeutic stones combines the technical skills of our clinical massages therapists with the warm tools to aid in releasing tension and knots.  Hot stones are placed strategically on the body and provide a welcome warmth to the muscles. The remaining knots and toxins are then worked out of the tissue using a technical massage with warmed stones. The treatment starts with a thorough consultation (just like all our  clinical massages) to tailor the massage for you.

$ 160.00$ 185.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This deeply stimulating massage gets right into knots and problem areas of muscles. This treatment is great for people with chronic tension in their back or other areas. Our therapists can address your problem areas with this treatment. We aim to find the root of the discomfort and work it out of the tissue with this intensive session.

$ 105.00$ 160.00



Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese hands-on massage that involves a qualified therapist applying deep massage to pressure points around your body.  It is performed on a futon on the floor.  By the application of pressure from your therapist’s thumbs, fingers and palms, symptoms such as shoulder stiffness, back and joint pain, headaches and fatigue are relieved, typically without the use of oils. If your skin is too sensitive for aromatherapy oils, then shiatsu is a deeply relaxing alternative.

$ 130.00$ 170.00


In reflexology, the zones of the feet are used as a map to the organs around the body. By manipulating certain areas around the foot, your therapist will gradually work away ailments and discomforts within the body. This session is a luxury for the feet, and will also completely recharge you. This practice offers interesting insights into how the feet control the energy of the rest of the body, and your knowledgeable therapist will be happy to tell you more during your session – just ask!

$ 125.00

Duration: 60 min

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