Our spa treatments offer you a chance to refresh and revitalise the body’s largest organ – the skin! Remove the tired old skin cells that are weighing you down with an exfoliating and detoxifying scrub. Scrubs remove skin fatigue, deeply cleanse the pores and fight the conditions that contribute to wrinkles and signs of aging. This is truly a miracle treatment that your skin will thank you for!

Skin cells rely on moisture, so why not give them what they need with a body wrap. The warmed muslin helps to open up the cells and improve circulation of the blood for deeper moisturising, and the relaxing treatment also feeds essential minerals back into the skin. Just when your body thinks it can’t get any better, step into our spacious private rain shower for a reviving rinse.

Scrubs & Wraps:

Detox Scrub, Wrap with Massage

There is nothing quite like pairing an invigorating scrub with a soothing body wrap to create the perfect detox. This package includes our Coffee and Sea Kelp Scrub for an all-over exfoliating cleanse, and then a deluxe wrap in the comfort of our spacious, private treatment rooms. When you are ready to cool down, enjoy a soak in the en-suite rain shower, before fully unwinding with a relaxing body massage. The session concludes with a delightful mini botanical facial, using organic ingredients.

Treatment Overview:

Coffee and Sea Kelp Body Scrub
Rain Shower
Botanical Facial
Body Massage

$ 230.00

Duration: 105 min

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Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment is focused on giving the skin powerful revitalisation, not just nurture. The scrub is designed to work intensively with the face and head to produce impressive softness that has to be seen to be believed. This also includes a thorough full body scrub, cleansing facial and head and scalp treatment that nourishes and conditions. It is a total makeover for your skin.

$ 155.00

Duration: 75mins

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The Mud Wrap Experience

Mud has some incredible benefits for the skin, and this treatment combines the advantages of mud with the relaxing and detoxifying effects of massage. For the full mineralising and rehydrating effects of the mud, allow yourself a full body exfoliation and marine mud wrap. Make it even more heavenly with a mini facial while you wait, and a soothing rain shower and full body massage. This combo will bring the best out of your skin and muscles and make you want to do it again and again!

$ 230.00

Duration: 105 mins

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Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

Dare to bare all this summer with strapless dresses and bikinis. This treatment is a complete facial for your back, Book yourself in for our full treatment, utilizing deep cleaning methods to remove dead skin cells, toxins and other unwanted elements from your shoulders, upper and lower back. Feel pampered as our technicians exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your skin. We leave behind only the softest skin so that you can have full body confidence.

$ 120.00

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Body Scrub

For irresistibly touchable soft skin, this treatment is a must-have. Strip down the clogging layer of dead skin cells with this enjoyable exfoliation. Our Coffee and Sea Kelp Scrub will melt away the toxins in your skin and feed the healthy cells with rich and moisturizing minerals. Using a combination of fine pumice, macadamia oil and essential vanilla, grapefruit, and orange citrus oils, this scrub will see to it that you have an blissful treatment with glowing, radiant skin.

$ 110.00

Duration: 45 min

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