Mother’s Day

Treat the mum in your life this Mother’s Day with a nourishing, relaxing treatment at The Retreat

Open Sunday 14th May for appointments and last minute gifts

Special Offer for Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers

As a special offer for all mothers day vouchers that are $200 or more will receive a Special Gift. Including A Body Freedom Sisal Bath Mitt, Bath Salts, Tea in a stylish bathroom bag. This is available for in store purchases or online purchases where the delivery method is “Pick Up at the Retreat”. The gift bags will only be held for 5 days for the Pick Up at the Retreat.  Only available while stocks last.

We have an in store special where you can purchase the O Cosmedics Radical Cleanse Pack for a special price of $55.  This pack includes a Gentle Antioxident Cleanser, Micellar Treatment Gel and Facial Shammy

Favourites for Mum

Some ideas or visit or Packages page

Choice of Massage or Facial

Sometimes when choosing a present it is difficult to choose between a facial or a massage.  This gift provides the recipient with a choice between a 1 hour massage of choice or a 1 hour botanical facial .

$ 130.00

Duration: 60 mins

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The Urban Retreat

Sip champagne,  Artisan Sparkling Water or Kombucha while your feet are bathed and massaged with organic wild thyme foot pumice. Prepare for an exfoliating dry body brush, and sigh to your heart’s content with a hot oil aroma-therapeutic massage.   We cocoon you in warm natural cloth while we rejuvenate your skin with an active botanical facial.

Treatment Overview:

sip champagne, sparkling water or kombucha
wild thyme & mint footbath
body brush exfoliation
hot oil aromatherapy massage
body wrap
mini facial

$ 230.00

Duration: 105 min

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Favourites for Mums to Be

Some ideas or visit our Mums to Be page

Mum To Be Package

Feel magnificent with this 2 hour pregnancy retreat experience.  Indulge in a tailored pregnancy massage to target all the spots that need a bit of TLC.  Refresh your skin with a nurturing botanical facial.  While the masque is working its magic,  your feet will be targeted with scrub, cool towels, hot mud, warm towels and a wicked massage to relieve and deflate.  Every inch of your body will feel rested, relaxed and calm.  Recommended upgrades are  a cosmeceutical pregnancy facial.

Treatment Overview:

Pregnancy Massage on the Table
Botanical facial
Leg & Foot pamper

$ 260.00

Duration: 2 hours

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Multi Visit Mum to Be Treats (4 Treatments)

This is a selection of favourite treatments to have during pregnancy.  This offers 3 by  75 minute pregnancy massages that can either be futon or table, depending on how your are feeling and what your therapist is treating you for.  The fourth treatment is a specialist pregnancy facial with one of a skin specialists.  During pregnancy, hormones can cause changes in your skin.  Everybody is different in how their skin reacts.  Our skin specialists have a range of skin treatments that are pregnancy safe that can address issues like breakouts, dryness or pigmentation. If purchasing this as a gift and the mum to be is towards the end of her pregnancy, the treatments can be used post delivery with specialist new mum treatments.

$ 600.00

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Baby Moon (For 2 people)

If you cannot get away for a little time before baby arrives, this will leave you feeling like you have had a mini holiday.  This dual treatment is for one mum to be and one non pregnant guest.  Enjoy 2 hours together in our dual room.    Slip on to the table for a massage.  Mum’s to be will be massaged by one of our pregnancy specialists.    Refresh your skin with a nurturing botanical facial.   While the masque is working its magic,  your feet will be targeted with scrub, cool towels, hot mud, warm towels and a wicked massage to relieve and deflate.  Every inch of your body will feel rested, relaxed and calm.

Treatment Overview:
Massage (specialist pregnancy for mum to be & relaxation for non pregnant guest)
Botanical Facial
Leg & Foot Pamper

$ 500.00

Duration: 2 hours

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Favourites of New Mums

New Mum Massage

When life changes &  you are now carrying babies through to toddlers, feeding or many other new body experiences,  your back, neck and shoulders can start to give you grief.    A massage can help relieve the discomfort and give you some quiet “me” time.  Let us know how you are feeling and areas you would like addressed and we will book you in with the most appropriate massage style. Our therapists are experienced in catering for breastfeeding mums.

$ 120.00$ 160.00

Post Pregnancy Massage on the Futon

If you enjoyed having pregnancy futon treatments during your pregnancy, then the joy can continue.  The massage is a bit different as your body will be a bit different now.  But all the joy of that lavish large futon to spread out on and relax.

$ 130.00$ 170.00

Detox Scrub, Wrap with Massage For New Mums

After delivering sometimes you just feel like a good scrub and massage.  Well that is what the founder of Body Freedom really wanted after she delivered.  So there is an influence here.   Not appropriate if you have had a C-Section. This package includes our Coffee and Sea Kelp Scrub for an all-over exfoliating cleanse, and then a deluxe wrap in the comfort of our spacious, private treatment rooms. When you are ready to cool down, enjoy a soak in the en-suite rain shower, before fully unwinding with a relaxing body massage. The session concludes with a delightful mini botanical facial, using organic ingredients.

Treatment Overview:

Coffee and Sea Kelp Body Scrub
Rain Shower
Botanical Facial
Body Massage

$ 230.00

Duration: 105 min

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